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·*warning : "It was used normally only when you log in to Metamask and use it, and a complete message was displayed after betting."
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It is a point batting game that matches holes/packs by adding each digit of REM price.
ex)If the price is 99,000, it will be 9+9+0+0+0=18 pairs.
The price is received through API.
If you click the hole or even button, you will need a coin for the amount of betting.
If you win the game, you will receive twice the betting amount.
(A fee of 100,000REM will be charged for betting.)

Receiving game results.

Closing time for the next session

The result of the 22:35 game is the O .


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last episode

22:35  0.00431511 O

22:30  0.00431445 O

22:25  0.00431808 E

22:20  0.00432243 E

22:15  0.00432039 O

22:10  0.00432 O

22:05  0.0043215 O

22:00  0.00432159 E

21:55  0.00432441 E

21:50  0.00432096 E